Saturday, 4 July 2009

Black Dogs at ANTIFREEZE

For Contents May Vary's ANTIFREEZE artist's car boot in Manchester on July 4th 2009, Black Dogs distributed free audio works by kindly contributors. The audio was compiled into a single playlist and pumped out of the back of the car loudly for the day. Interested passers-by were also offered the opportunity to take away the playlist by uploading it to their iPods or by accepting free CDs.

The audio included field recordings, music, songs, lectures, performances, and found material made or selected by Andy Abbott, Lawrence Abu-Hamdan, Giles Bailey, Michael Burkitt, Gareth S Brown, Yvonne Carmichael, James Hill, Ben NCM, Rory Macbeth, Matt and Ross, Dave Ronalds, Phil Slocombe, Jennyanne Smith and Mick Welbourn.

Those contributors that have generously agreed to have their material made available to download from this website have been compiled into four manageable chunks so as not to clog up your computer pipes. Please select from one or all of





Simply click on the words above to be directed to the files for download. Due to its formidable size Matt and Ross's contribution is best accessed by following this link.

Black Dogs car boot attendants were
Andy Abbott, Yvonne Carmichael, Vince Carmichael, Jennyanne Smith, Mick Welbourn