Saturday, 21 February 2009

OLD, NEW, BORROWED, BLUE. Ukranian Centre Wedding Commission.

Old, New, Borrowed Blue was an exhibition and programme of events as part of a private commission for Sue Ball and Garry Barker’s wedding party. Guests were invited to contribute an object that was either old, new, borrowed or blue with their RSVP. These were then displayed in an exhibition at the party and combined as a catalogue and box-set for the happy couple to keep.

Alongside this Michael Burkitt and Charlotte welcomed guests with a Giravolta, Jennyanne Smith invited guests to contribute to her ‘Tell Me Something About Your First Love’ project, and Stockpot Stopcock performed a specially written set downstairs.

Black Dogs wedding interveners were:

Andy Abbott, Michael Burkitt, Yvonne Carmichael, James Hill, Martha Jurksaitis, Stockpot Stopcock, Bryony Pritchard, Jennyanne Smith, Mick Welbourn.