Friday, 10 October 2008

DOSE OF SUMMER for Light Night 2008

Where did our beautiful British Summer go? Did we blink and miss the hose-pipe bans, melted 99s, and embarrassing t-shirt tans of 2008? The lack of an entire season left us pasty and depressed, unable to work and confused about what day it was.

Black Dogs provided members of the public with a short sharp Summery shock in their Lost Summer Marquee on Briggate including deck chairs, beach-balls, Summery party games, trashy pool-side literature, Cliff Richard and of course, immense bloody heat and no sodding rain.

Black Dogs for this project was:

Andy Abbott, Michael Burkitt, Yvonne Carmichael, Luke Drozd, James Hill, Jen Ohlson, Bryony Pritchard, Eva Rowson, Tom Railton, Lawrence Molloy, and the Werewolves of London.